Framework for GrowthTM (FfG) is a comprehensive, district model that provides clarity and focus to building successful schools. FfG resources, trainings, and supports were developed by the Academic Development Institute and PLS 3rd Learning, in partnership with Intermediate Unit 11, for implementation in schools across Pennsylvania.
The major features of FfG are:
*  Indistar – An electronic platform with a continuous cycle of assessing, planning, implementing, and progress tracking research-based effective practices. Within each effective practice, indicators are selected to guide leadership teams in elevating district and school performance. Each indicator is supported by a Wise Ways® research and practice brief. There are two tracks within Indistar:
- District Success
- School Success
*  Aligned Professional Development - To increase teacher competencies around the
effective practices and indicators implemented through Indistar, each teacher has an opportunity to participate in targeted professional development. This PD (in PA) qualifies for ACT 48 credit and is aligned with FfG effective practices.
*  Professional Development Differently - Professional Development Differently is a system used to assess individual teacher competencies and determine best fit with Aligned PD and the FfG model.
*  Principal Leadership Academy - Principal Leadership Academy is an advanced training for Principals to lead effective school Leadership Teams within the FfG model.
* District Leadership Support - Support for the district leadership team will be provided by the project lead/navigator and coach. This support is above and beyond the role of the project lead/navigator and coach as outlined below.

FfG Roles:

*  Superintendent - The Superintendent is responsible for overall leadership in
implementing the FfG model in the district and its schools. The Superintendent leads the district Leadership Team in the work of assessing indicators of effective district practice, developing plans for implementation, and monitoring progress.
* Principals - The Principal is responsible for overall leadership in implementing the FfG model in the school. The Principal leads the school Leadership Team in the work of assessing indicators of effective school practice, developing plans for implementation, and monitoring progress.
* Process Managers - The Process Manager, designated by the Superintendent or Principal, prepares agendas and worksheets for the Leadership Team meeting and records the minutes of the meeting and the work of the Leadership Team in the Indistar system.
*  District and School Leadership Teams – Each district and school Leadership Team includes a district and/or school leader and a process manager. In addition, each team includes selected individuals as designated by the district/school to serve on the Leadership Team and act as a conduit to ensure accomplishment of tasks associated with effective practices and associated indicators.
*  School Instructional Teams - Teachers are organized into grade-level or subject-area Instructional Teams. The teams align standards, curriculum, and instruction. The teams also develop units of instruction, including formative assessments and instructional materials.
 * Navigator - The Navigator serves as the project lead. The Navigator interacts directly with the Superintendent and the district Leadership Team. The Navigator maintains continuous communication with the FfG coach assigned to each school Leadership Team to ensure implementation fidelity of the FfG model. The Navigator is an experienced educator trained to assist districts with implementation of the FfG model.
*  Coach - The Coach follows the progress of the school Leadership Teams and provides supportive comments and reviews. Coaches have three means for providing guidance and feedback to the school Leadership Team: (1) coaching comments specific to indicators; (2) coaching reviews with broader guidance and feedback; and (3) coach’s critique.
*  Professional Development Facilitator – The PD Facilitator works within the FfG PD Center to assist PD participants with completion of PD content and assignments.




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