The AIU is pleased to offer a blended model for the 18 credit K-12 ESL Program Specialist Certification. This program will include online classwork, face-to-face class meetings and field experience. The courses are taught by ESL professionals currently working in the field and supervised by the ESL program director.

Each course is three credits and requires 10 hours of field experience per course. Participants in the program are encouraged to consider how they can work field experience hours into their current employment situation before beginning the program. The cost for each course is between $525-$550. This price includes the three-credit course, access to the Canvas platform, and the books for each class.

The ESL Program Specialist Certificate is typically an add-on certificate to Elementary K-6, English 7-12, or Reading Specialist K-12. Teachers providing ESL instruction must be appropriately certified for the grade levels that they teach. Participants in this program are responsible for reviewing their individual certification with PDE directly. This program is a PDE approved pathway to ESL certification; however, for highly qualified status outside of the three certifications listed above, the participant must confer with PDE directly for an individual review of their case provided.


$525-550 per 3 credit course


Registration and payment information available at https://www.edulinkinc.com/iu3registration/


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