The Allegheny Intermediate Unit has partnered with TransPerfect Remote Interpreting for the joint purchase of telephone foreign language interpretation. It is a requirement that school districts communicate with parents in their preferred language; however, finding reliable, cost-effective interpreters has always been a challenge. With this service, there are consistent, instantaneous interpretation services available in 170 different languages, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. All of the interpreters have passed extensive testing in order to be considered qualified to provide this service and are located within the U.S.

The user simply calls the designated telephone number, enters the school district or IU specific PIN number, and requests the language needed. When the interpreter gets on the line, the user can place the call on speaker or complete a conference call. No appointment is needed.

The Allegheny Intermediate Unit has been able to negotiate joint purchasing pricing that makes this option much more cost effective than individual school districts or Intermediate Unit’s establishing their own contracts. Current pricing is based on the Allegheny Intermediate Unit’s usage; however, further discounts can be negotiated as additional districts join and overall usage increases. Districts are charged only a $10 monthly service fee, plus the actual minutes they use at the contracted rate.

More than 60 school entities in Pennsylvania are currently part of this joint purchasing consortium and the results have been exceptionally positive. Parents are better connected to schools and schools now have a resource that they never had before.


$10 monthly service fee + actual usage a negotiated per minute rates


Contact Dr. Kelly Noyes at kelly.noyes@aiu3.net to request the MOU for contact details.


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