The Berks County Intermediate Unit (BCIU), along with SafeSchools®, is pleased to offer an affordable and sustainable solution that addresses the requirements of Act 126 – Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting Training; Act 71- Youth Suicide Awareness and Prevention Training; Act 195 of 2014 Recognition of anaphylaxis and administration of epinephrine auto injectors as well as provide staff the expertise to offer professional development to employees to fulfill other mandated training requirements and the ability to educate employees on a variety of other important school safety topics.
The SafeSchools® solution has the following key features:
1. Provides on-line training written by school experts that are 100% school-focused;
2. Accessible 24 hours a day/seven days a week;
3. Incorporates a built-in record keeping management system that automatically tracks employees’ course completions and archives reports that can be accessed at a later date;
4. Provides customization that permits each entity to upload policies that are pertinent to the topic so that all employees have access to their organization’s policies; and
5. Not dependent upon a train-the-trainer model.

In addition to the training topics required by Act 126, Act 71 and Act 195, for the same annual subscription rate, SafeSchools® includes training for hundreds of other topics in the following categories: Emergency Management, Employment Practices, Environmental, Health, Human Resources, Information Technology, Nutrition Services, Security, Social & Behavioral, Special Education, and Transportation. Sample topics include Sexual Harassment, Slips, Trips, & Falls, MSDS, Integrated Pest Management, Asbestos Awareness, Bloodborne Pathogens, HIPAA, School Meal Compliance, Concussion Awareness, AEDs, Bullying, School Intruders, and many more topics.


The current annual subscription fee is the greater of $4.12 per full time equivalent or $500.00. Intermediate Units interested in partnering with the BCIU will receive 10% of the revenue for customers acquired through partner IU marketing.


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