Intermediate Unit 1, in partnership with Ed Tech Consultants (http://www.edtech-consultants.com/), is offering coding and robotics educational technology tools that are easy to implement, engaging for students, and budget friendly. This partnership also provides curriculum and professional development opportunities to ensure that these educational tools are seamlessly integrated into the classroom lessons.

Robotics and Coding tools and professional development will focus around specific products including:
• Code Combat - engage your students in grades 6-12 in Python or JavaScript through game-based lessons (teachers do not need prior coding experience)
• Code Monkey – engage your students in grades K-6 in a game-based environment where students learn to code in text-based languages (teachers do not need prior coding experience)
• Exploring Robotics – provides engaging curriculum for every grade level through different coding and robotics tools such as Dash/Dot, Cubelets, Little Bits, Ozobots, Go-Pi-Go, Scribbler, Airblock drones, Boe-Bot, Bolide Humanoid, Robot Shield, and more.
• LocoRobo – provides engaging coding and robotics experiences for all grade levels through using drones and wearable technologies.


This service will be offered continuously. There are one-time fees for robotics/coding hardware and equipment as well as annual fees for coding seat licenses, curriculum, and professional development.


For additional information regarding Ed Tech Consultants products or professional development, please email Jenny Lent at jenny.lent@iu1.org.


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