With over 25 years of experience, Marcia Brenner Associates (MBA) has provided knowledgeable, respectful and timely solutions to an LEA’s administrative challenges. Based on MBA’s experience, they have been instrumental in developing and designing software modules that plug-in directly to your PowerSchool SIS, which have solved challenges and led to solutions. MBA offers an array of software modules for streamlined customization's and efficient processes for both administrators and teachers, because MBA knows that the SIS is the cornerstone of your LEA.

The following is a listing of MBA’s software applications, which in turn allows an LEA the same benefits resolution that MBA has experienced through the challenges they have solved in order to bring out the best in your SIS:
• MBA Report Card Creator
o Drastically reduce the time it takes to create standards based or traditional report cards
• MBA Fees
o No longer manage transactions in DDA; built in reports for greater transparency and detailed documentation
• MBA Adaptive Scheduler
o Easily create resource courses and sessions, and schedule students
• Custom Alerts
o District-wide or school defined custom alerts for students; upload your own icon
• MBA Device Manager
o Create, assign and manage devices from District or Schools
• MBA Behavior
o Maintain data related to roles, motivation, actions and more
• MBA Café
o Accurately report student lunch status eligibility counts by date; easily generate line item transactions for meals
• MBE Meds
o Integrated with student health screens; maintain data related medication authorizations and record a history of administered medications


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