With more than 160 core, elective, and credit recovery offerings, the comprehensive Lincoln Empowered PreK-12 suite of online courses is an engaging, standards-based curriculum suitable for all school and classroom settings. Whether in a traditional school, a charter school, an online school, or a home school, Lincoln Empowered is fully adaptable to fit your classroom and student needs.

We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all model when it comes to education. Capitalize on our unique design for personal lesson building to create your own distinct course offerings, specialized programs, and targeted initiatives that meet your educational goals. Additionally, create your vision of blended learning by accessing more than 100,000 learning objects in our digital content library.

By combining online media with offline activities designed to emphasize and reinforce content, Lincoln Empowered offers students multiple ways to engage with, understand, and demonstrate mastery. No matter a student’s preferred learning modality, Lincoln Empowered supplies various pathways for students to gauge their understanding of content and make real-world connections.

With an intuitive and user-friendly design, formative and summative assessments, and multimodal content options, Lincoln Empowered offers every student a tailored education experience. By addressing students' individual interests, skills, and needs, Lincoln Empowered ensures effective personalized learning for all.


Payment is based upon the Lincoln Empowered Full Time Virtual Academy rate of:
1. $2300.00 per student utilizing LLS teachers.
2. $1725.00 per student without utilizing LLS teachers.
*Scope of Service includes:
-Execution of the full suite of Lincoln Empowered quarter, semester and full year courses.
-Access to all courses 24/7 with a 365-day rolling enrollment period.

**Pricing for any materials, supplies, kits, individual courses, Empowered Digital Library, Credit Recovery, Programs and any other service not described in the Scope section above is additional and will be billed at standard pricing.


Contact Alan Moose, Supervisor of Online Learning, at admoose@iu12.org or 717-718-5857 for instructions.


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