Ripple Effects, Incorporated, is an evidence-based social emotional learning system combined with live, on site staff professional development, plus on-going, job embedded direct professional development for teachers implementing the curriculum. The system is the on-line or web-based Ripple Effects Whole Spectrum of Intervention System (WSIS). WSIS is an NREPP listed, social –emotional skills, motivational counseling and behavioral support/intervention system of trauma informed, personalized student intervention software, professional development, assessment tools and data management/reporting. It includes three student instructional programs that are developmentally appropriate to address grades Pre-K though 12: Bouncy the People Trainer for pre-K – 1, Ripple Effects for Kids for grades 2 -5, and Ripple Effects for Teens for grades 6 – 12; the individual student assessment program for social emotional skills is Screen for Strengths; the professional development on-line program is Ripple Effects for Staff. The Ripple Effects system also includes district and site-based planning services; live, on site staff development courses, and webinar-delivered virtual professional development, an extensive series of implementation manuals with more than 60 scopes and sequences tailored to specific interests and outcomes, parent training components and extendable licenses for home use of the software, supplemental resources including posters for coloring and parent postcards to report positive behavior, ongoing technology and implementation support, and an easy to use data management system that automatically tracks compliance and dosage rates, making correlation with administrative outcomes straightforward.
Ripple Effects programs are listed on the NIH/SAMSHA National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices and the National Dropout Prevention Center’s Model Program list, for all three Tiers of Intervention.
Distinctive advantages
Ripple Effects’ is the only non-cognitive program that is both adaptive at the level of individual user, and scalable to thousands of groups of users, without loss of fidelity. It is the only multi-component, comprehensive, non-cognitive program where not just one, but a whole spectrum of non-cognitive interventions for both teachers and students is completely mediated by technology, and a shoe fit match is made between learner need, and the most relevant set of evidence-based practices to meet it. It is the only one to explicitly address social justice issues. It is the only one in which the everyday contextual factors that define the lives of high needs students – new kid, poverty, homeless, foster care, domestic violence, immigrant status, English as a second language, mental, physical and emotional disabilities, alcoholic parent - are all specifically addressed within the emotional safety of private computer use. It is the only one that includes professional development software to address both implementation process and the teacher side of behavioral equations, including implicit bias and classroom management skills.
The look and feel and messaging of the intervention software is also a part of what makes it exceptional. It is designed to approximate the environment of a supportive learning environment, but without feeling at all like a classroom. With conversational peer voices and multicultural images, it consistently communicates high expectations, demonstrates many signs of caring for each student (never forgetting their name, “active listening” and paraphrasing their input); it consistently conveys warm regard for learners and respect for their experience, even when they express attitudes or behavior that need to change. The program provides extensive feedback (PBIS/RTI); scaffolds complex learning, such as journal writing exercises; and uses continuous assessment of content mastery (PBIS/RTI), not to assign positions in a learning hierarchy, but to bring all students to mastery.
Finally, Ripple Effects is the top rated SEL training program listed on the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP), and the only computer-based program listed as a Model Program for all three tiers of intervention by both NREPP and the National Dropout Prevention Center (NDPC). NREPP evaluates fidelity of implementation, quality of research design, and readiness for implementation. This SAMHSA sponsored registry lists over 200 evidence-based programs for promotion, prevention and intervention with mental health disorders and substance abuse. Of the SEL model programs on the NREPP list, Ripple Effects has the highest rating of 3.78 out of 4.
What sets Ripple Effects apart from other technology programs is the combination of its truly broad and deep scope of topics, and the built-in expert system that uses learners’ natural selection patterns to deliver the most relevant subset of evidence-based strategies and a full menu of effective instructional modes to each learner, every time. It is this personalization of the social-emotional learning experience, unequivocally learner ¬not instructor -centered, more than any one particular psycho-social strategy, which accounts for Ripple Effects’ success with diverse populations across diverse settings and enables its effective use for all three tiers of intervention – at the same or lower cost than one-size fits-all programs.

For more information, visit the website at: www.rippleeffects.com


Contact Alan Moose, Supervisor of Online Learning, at admoose@iu12.org or 717-718-5857 for a full list of pricing.


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