The Tuscarora Intermediate Unit has developed a middle - high school aged curriculum to accompany their original STEM Tinker kit. The STEM kit consists of a variety of electronic components and is paired with a Raspberry Pi, micro-computer device.
This solution opens doors to imagination and innovation by providing insights into electronic prototyping via breadboarding. Explorers expand their knowledge by connecting a Raspberry Pi to their prototyped device. The prototyped device is controlled via common programming languages such as Scratch and Python. Four initial subscription challenges are bundled with each STEM Tinker Kit.
Subscribers will receive 4 additional challenges, along with sensors and HATs (Hardware Attached on Top) and access to the online TIU Pi Bakery. The TIU Pi Bakery will provide subscribers with community generated ideas, activities and resources.
Customized Professional Development for teachers is also available with subscription to STEM Tinker Classroom kit.


Annual Subscription


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