This on-line three-credit graduate level course is designed for teachers from K-12. The participant will be provided with an in-depth exploration of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD.) Emphasis will be placed on the educational implications of research of information, techniques, and strategies to help students with this disorder increase their academic success in meeting the Pennsylvania Academic Core Standards and perform well on state and local assessments. Examples, case studies, guidelines, and practical tips from experienced teachers will be reviewed to explore the connections between knowledge and practice. This is an online Moodle class, and each session contains a series of lessons, videos, written responses, and other activities.

Participants will be able to:
List the behavioral characteristics of Autism according to the DSM-5
Describe the diagnosis process
Describe the academic difficulties related to Autism in reading, writing, and math
Identify effective interventions and supports for children with Autism
Describe the social difficulties related to Autism
Identify ways to create an effective classroom
Identify ways to connect with families and outside resources
Describe effective behavioral techniques
Describe effective teaching strategies
Identify ways to build upon communication skills and competencies
Compare and contrast the RTI and IEP process
Identify key members of the IEP team
Identify and define the roles of related service providers
Describe the role of the teacher
Identify effective interventions in and out of the classroom
Identify the importance of transition planning




If you wish to register for this course, contact Jeri Webster, CIU #10 CPE Coordinator/Act 48 Administrator, via email at jwebster@ciu10.org; call 814-342-0884, ext. 3030; or visit http://www.ciu10.org/domain/82 to register online.


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