Impero Education Pro is their flagship solution, combining all the features of Ed-Inspire, Ed-Protect and Ed-Admin into one consolidated super suite for all your network, classroom and internet safety needs.

Ed-Inspire: With a real-time view of device screens, and a suite of interactive tools, Ed-Inspire offers teachers a comprehensive classroom management toolkit to enhance learning, keep students on task, and make digital learning more engaging.
Classroom management tools including:
Remotely view, lock and control student machines
Enable/disable internet access, printing, sound, applications and more
Broadcast student/teacher’s screen
Quick questions and exam tool
Send URLs or files Student/teacher chat

Ed-Protect: With keyword detection and real-time monitoring, tailored to specific student groups, Ed-Protect alerts staff to potential safeguarding issues as they occur so that students can be educated and mentored to promote good digital citizenship. Internet safety functionality including:
Keyword detection libraries with definitions
Real-time monitoring of devices with screenshot/video alerts
Comprehensive logging and reporting
Confide anonymous reporting tool for student concerns.
Whole school approach to internet safety

Ed-Admin: Ed-Admin offers school IT teams the remote control functionality and network administration tools required to support a busy network, saving time and ensuring IT issues are dealt with quickly. Network management tools including:
Remote control single machines or the entire network at once for maintenance and user support
Power management Inventory management
License management
Print management
Desktop utilization
Admin tools


Full Impero Education Pro Suite (all 3 modules | includes set up, training and support)*
- $7.00 per license 1 year
- $18.00 per license 3 years

Buy 2 modules from Ed-Inspire, Ed-Protect and Ed-Admin (includes set up, training and support)*
- $5.25 per license 1 year
- $13.00 per license 3 years

Buy 1 module (includes set up, training and support)*
- $3.50 per license 1 year
- $8.50 per license 3 years

* Minimum 50 licenses for any package.
Patch management & Mobile Device Management not included in the above pricing


Email impero@riu6.org with the # of licenses you need and the modules you wish to purchase. You will then receive a quote which you can use to create your purchase order, made payable to Riverview Intermediate Unit 6.


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